Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Celebrating the University Library

I was given a most illuminating and inspiring tour of the libraries at the University of Buckingham on Monday morning by Peta Yates, the Librarian. And in case you did not know, anyone can become a reader at the library and use many of their facilities. There is much history to be see and some wonderful books to browse! There is also a local history collection that would be a goldmine for any local historians. Do go and see!

You can check out what books and journals etc they have here: https://buck.sirsidynix.net.uk

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of my visit.

The Edward Legg collection of local history

What was the chapel at the Franciscan Nunnery on London Road 

Old law books (I think!)

Some graffiti from when it was the stables of the Bucks Yeomanry!

The High Sheriff's Justice Service

Julie and I spent most of Sunday participating in the Justice Service hosted and organised by the Buckinghamshire High Sheriff, Professor Ruth Farwell. It was a glorious occasion where the Parish Church of All Saints in High Wycombe was filled with Judges, Magistrates, Recorders, Mayors, Chairs of Councils, the Clergy and High Sheriffs from nearby counties as well and the Chief Constable among many others.

"The Justice historically marks the beginning of the legal year and is a celebration of the work of the legal profession in the county as they seek to ensure that justice is done"

Below are some pics of the event and the lunch beforehand. I have also copied across the programme as I think some might be interested to read the whole piece.

Charlotte Dunn, Under Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, holding the mace presented to the Under Sheriff in 1992 to celebrate a millennium of the office of Sheriff.

Opening the Charter Fair 100

The Charter Fair has been happening in Buckingham for centuries of course. But this year marked a hundred years since the William Nichols (Grandfather to Marshall Nichols, the current Head Showman) began bringing fairs to the town. The Town Council decided to recognise this and award Marshall with a celebratory tankard. Below is the speech I for the occasion Saturday last. (Plus some pics of course)

Amanda Brubaker, the Town Council Events Coordinator, Mayoress & Mayor, Head Showman Marshall Nichols and our Town Crier, Russell Cross.

The rides begin!

A special organ to celebrate 100 years organised by Marshall Nichols

And the Mayoress gets a bunch of flowers from Mr Tunks, a long time helper at the Fair.

thanks to Katharine McElligott for all the pics.

The speech

Today, we are celebrating 100 years of the Nichols family bringing the Charter Fair to Buckingham. 

In a world which can often feel like a carousel spinning faster and faster, it is wonderful to have this tradition as a rock stable pivot on which the town can be anchored. While we live with the Climate Change coconut shy, the Trump waltzer, the Brexit dodgems and the Artificial Intelligence amusement arcade: we know with certainty that we can all have the real thing here on two Saturdays a year! 

So thank you to Marshall Nichols, Head Showman, all the Nichols families past and present, for bringing such stability and amusement to our glorious town of Buckingham for 100 years!

William Nichols, grandfather to Mr Nichols, was a plumber from Forest Gate in London. He started working for Showman Swayle Bolesworth in the early 1900’s and went on to have his own fairground rides.

In 1923, William Nichols had a steam engine called the Princess Mary which powered the roundabouts. The Nichols family toured the same circuit as the Nichols Fun Fairs do now. Mr Nichols is a 3rd generation Showman. 

On behalf of the Town Council, it gives me great pleasure to present this celebratory tankard to Mr Marshal Nichols to mark this occasion. May this Charter Fair continue to provide pleasure to all of our local townsfolk and people from nearby villages. 

So it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone who is involved in organising, setting up and running this fair. I declare this Fair open!! 

And just to say thanks to Marshall for arranging the buffet for the children at the Woolpack this year from 2pm.

A history of amusement

I visited the Old Gaol on Saturday, just before opening the Charter Fair. Do go and visit the exhibition about the history of the fair: fascinating social and local history! Lots of pics below - but there is so much to see!

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Community Bus

The Local Area Forum has stumped up the money to pay for the introduction of a community bus for our area. The BART bus - which stands for Buckingham Area Rural Transport scheme - is now up and running. The Town Council had a chance to look over it on Monday evening. And Ashley Waite (a lovely warm chap, I must say!) gave a short presentation and the forward plans. The scheme is looking volunteer drivers and groups to use it! This really a case of use it or lose it... So if you have any ideas about who might use the bus (or you want to be a driver) - please contact Ashley (phone number below). Thanks!

Friday, 28 September 2018

Award winning local Youth Club holds its AGM!

On Wednesday night I attended the Annual General Meeting of the Youth Club and it was a celebratory affair. John Barnett, the Chair of the Club opened by saying how well the organisation was doing all four key fronts:
  • The numbers of young people attending the clubs is rising - the evenings are thriving and buzzing
  • The staff are fantastic as evidenced by the long term relationship that staff have with the club - including the rising stars of young people becoming assistants
  • The building is in great shape such that more people are renting it for their own uses (rental income is up 22% against last year)
  • And the club is financially healthy - it has more reserves at this year end than they had last year which means that donations have exceeded costs
Moreover, the Club (as reported in the paper) recently received awards and much praise from the local charity Action for Youth.

Altogether it has been a great year!

Here are some pics and slides from Wednesday night

Celebrating the University Library

I was given a most illuminating and inspiring tour of the libraries at the University of Buckingham on Monday morning by Peta Yates, the Lib...