Saturday, 12 January 2019

A man at peace with himself

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the funeral of a dearly loved local man, Theodore Connor. Stowe Church was standing room only and I estimated there were something like 300 people there to pay tribute to his passing and offer their condolences. The church was brimming with the warmth of the affection and memories that everyone present had for him. People had travelled many long distances to be there. I spoke to woman next to me who had come down from Norfolk.

Theodore and his sister Mary were both made Friends of Buckingham about ten years ago for all the time and care they had put into helping local young people learn to ride and love horses up at Stowe. I was there to honour him on behalf of the Town Council. We held a minute's silence for him last Monday at a meeting of the Council.

He was described by the Vicar in his commendation in many lovely ways but especially as a man who was at peace with himself. May we all aspire to such contentment.

May he rest in peace.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Well Being Walk 2019: 24 March

Last year we had a wonderful walk around town talking about what more we can all do to support and improve the well being of young people. You can read all about what we did here (the initial post) and here (the report of what happened). This will be our second rolling strolling conversation co-organised with the Buckinghamshire High Sheriff and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. Please make a date and join us!

Here are more details:

The theme for this year is:

What more can we do to ensure that we and our community have great mental well-being, brimming with imagination, learning 
and friendship?

Anyone who cares about this matter, knows something about what might be done or who has the power and can make things better, is welcome. We figure that is probably just about everybody!

So if you are young or not so young, live, work or study in Buckingham (or nearby), are a professional (such as teacher, a mental health practitioner, a community nurse, a doctor etc) or a person who wants to talk about this topic because it matters to you - everyone is welcome!

You can join us for all or part of the journey, as you wish.

You can access the planned route on Google maps here.

We will end up in a marquee on the lawn of the University campus near Tanlaw Mill. There will be an opportunity then to munch through packed lunches and record what you have learnt from the conversations

Our aim is to get some young cadets, scouts and guides to help with marshalling the moving body of people across various roads along the way safely. Although, we do expect people to look after themselves as they would in any case.

Please save this page, as I will be updating it with further information as the day approaches.

We look forward to welcoming you on the journey!

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