Saturday, 11 August 2018

In the zone!

I had a most enjoyable hour or so visiting and supporting the Charity Fun Day at PK Kids Zone today. I had not been there before (mostly because my children are well past the age for this fantastic gem of a place). I had a go at having my hand modelled in wax by WaxyHandz, tried the tombola and raffle... and (get this) I managed to get selfies with Skye and Marshall!

PK Kids Zone was raising money for and supporting the Puzzle Centre today. Indeed, it was great to hear how the whole place is designed around being a fun and safe space for all children, including those with particular physical or psychological needs. (If you have a small child, have you been?)

It was also fabulous to hear how PK Kids Zone is working with other early years services and businesses in the town, supporting each other to remain in place and develop: helping young parents manage the logistics and stress of bringing up young people. Is there room for some more sharing of ideas and support I wonder..? I think there might be... but what do you think? If you would like to be involved in this idea... please email me (

Paw Patrol selfies!

Here is joint pic with Louise, one of the helpers and Skye & Marshall

I wish I was small enough...

Lesley and Louise running the tombola

Sedi and Jasmine from WaxyHandz

Pic by Louise of me dipping my hand in the molten wax

And thanks to Jasmine for this pic - compare the hands!

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